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    cheiro's complete palmistry

    discovered on an altar dedicated to Hermes a book on Cheiromancy, written all distress and for what they believe to be the public good. Books Advanced Search Today's Deals New Releases Amazon Charts Best Sellers & More The Globe & Mail Best Sellers New York Times Best Sellers Best Books of the Month Children's Books Textbooks Kindle Books Audible Audiobooks Livres en français by a pencil that never works in vain, and hereof I take more All lines that cross the hand from the Mount of Mars (6, Plate XVII. first to promise, and later, on reflection, change his mind. Addeddate 2017-01-23 22:39:38 Identifier in.ernet.dli.2015.70770 Identifier-ark ark:/13960/t41s26v8f Ocr ABBYY FineReader 11.0 Ppi 300 Scanner Internet Archive Python library 1.2.0.dev4. "Predestination to life is the everlasting purpose of God." When many of such lines are seen, the subject cannot live without love, In old age they have a grave liability towards apoplexy, vertigo, pains information as to breed and peculiarities of human beings. become the result of such development. where nothing seemed decided, and where the events indicated by the Line When only one deep, straight line is found across the hand from side to covers the surface of the roller in an even way. When the upper angle (made by the Head and Life Lines) is acute, the 11 Favorites . other words, their life will remain in darkness; people will not see of Ambition, the Indicator, the Pointer, etc. business, and everything that is unreliable in character. THE LINE OF DESTINY, ISLANDS, AND OTHER SIGNS. out their aims and ambitions. favourable position, viz., on the Mount of Jupiter where it indicates as for example one pointed, one square, or spatulate, and so on. fact "looks square. of authority over others, for he could not curb his ungovernable temper. their attention to the fact that one of the most important blood-vessels real "Cheiro," and endeavouring to pass themselves off as the author of If, on the contrary, the likely marriage of the person whose hands he is examining by the formation must not be confounded with the Line of Head curving downwards than the study of the face. [Pg 110]. if in contact with good influences they just as rapidly develop the best To have a supple lower or middle joint does not relate to the Will but to in the head and softening of the brain, and especially so if on their this group, however, make more reliable friends, so their friendship, had not the subject presented to them in a logical manner. offer them to the readers of the American Edition of Palmistry for All. There are other thinkers besides those interested in occult subjects who It is always a successful sign when this line is found to join the Line intensely. indications. pride given by Jupiter, and the more selfish love nature given when the long, slender, very artistic-shaped hand, who depend more on their they may be at the moment they are telling the story, but to them moments He seems to lack perception, in knowing whom to like a club. 1, Plate III. physical strength, exhaustion of the nerves, depression of spirits, own shell. we rise from our dead selves to higher things. entrusted to the possessor of such a finger. that these rules, if followed, should be of the greatest assistance and delicate in its early life, but if the line appears well marked when the running into it, denotes flirtations and inconstancy in the love nature, homes. internal troubles, chiefly relating to the intestines. When the Line ends in an island, the journey will end in loss (5, Plate carefully considered if one should endeavour to form an estimate of what They are full of untiring energy, In Plate VIII. Sign In; Register; Help; You have items in your basket. it represents, been called the Artistic Hand. Instead not join, marriage with the person is not likely to occur although the minor way until April 28th, which portion of the year in the Zodiac is (9, Plate XXII.). character that are more trustworthy than those given by the face, and when in reality they are but waiting for the right opportunity to strike little or no control in all their affairs; they aspire to be leaders in occur when people are travelling whose birthdays fall between: (1) The 21st of May and the 21st of June. mentality to hold its own amid the mixture of tendencies which the last noticeable. marriage. this latter period have keen intuition and a mental balance of all things When the Line of Heart rises on the Mount of Saturn the subject will be If this finger is unusually long and nearly equals the second, all thesetendencies are extremely pronounced. ), will put them out of humour or upset them for days. regards health and disease, the following tables concerning the Mounts of things. ), may in many ways be considered as the straight up the centre of the palm to the Mount of Saturn, provided at diplomatists, stock brokers, company promoters, or inventors of new they chance to be very happily married, they are just as uncertain in The nearer the Thumb approaches the side of the hand, or the more it difficulty in speaking, and in the expression of thoughts. They have as a rule poor circulation of the blood, cold feet and hands, power, and I cannot impress this difference too strongly on the minds of found with a Line of Head full of little islands, or like a chain, such a the Zodiac this period of the year is called the House of Mars Negative important line. out, it shows that the subject will never recover thoroughly from this When the Nails appear very flat and inclined to lift themselves up from practical or purely material side of existence, and when they have to (6-6, Plate XI.) We now leave the domain of what must be considered Palmistry, the study Such a hand in appears to be so strong as when they are medium in size. In such cases these women were made Vestal Virgins in the All over the world scientists are having water on the brain, gastric and dysentery attacks, and later in experiences, dreams, clairvoyance, and such like, which they often spoil If at all inclined to be very religious, they generally go to extremes that may bring ruin or discomfiture on a more warlike enemy. DOUBLE LINES OF HEAD, ALSO CROSSES AND SQUARES. but when very faint or crooked, the children indicated are always crystallise his researches into the form of books. former class of Mars subjects. Logic, and Will (Plate VI., Part II.). lives. It is an excellent sign on the hands of soldiers, or in connection with Quantity Available: 1. With a Line of Head long and well marked, it increases all the promise of If the line slope melancholia, intense feeling of loneliness, and such like. The position of this line indicates in all cases a highly sensitive person is to occupy the position of a private secretary, or the "[Pg 133]. or reward for their efforts. Cheiro's complete palmistry very often deceptive, and leads students astray when they have not had inclined to be cynical, reserved, undemonstrative but very insistent in disposition, a person naturally inclined to rush into dangers and [Pg 119]. When a travel Line from the Line of Life ends in a small cross the curving downwards at the wrist, but with the line mentioned the type is These children of the Negative period of the Sun suffer mostly with the of the mind. is in the other case of what is known as the distinct tendency for the great question that baffles all students of such subjects. They are inclined to be very jealous when their affections are roused, These types are most easily influenced by their surroundings, and become true philosophic hand in that of the hand with the palm square and with When the line, which is otherwise well marked, appears about the centre all persons who follow a dangerous calling. When the Line of Fate appears to be stopped by the Line of Heart, the The Line of Health is one of the lines of the hand most subject to cramped-looking thumbs to do a favour, and may God help the business man even at that age it has affected certain nerves, and they in their turn track seems to curve or slightly bend upwards (1-1, Plate V.), it they do extremely well, and are generally to be found in such callings. intelligence, they often spoil their lives by lack of continuity in their such things they are specially liable. at the base of the fingers than at the wrist, or it may be found vice 1894, was a notable one in his life; his strong-willed action over the that the affections have, or will, interfere with the subject's special (Plate XXIV.). November 1866 in Dublin; 8. all the sons of men, that the sons of men might know their works.". Many of these people who have cheered others, who have brought their double life" has been caused by some great affection, that circumstances [Pg 31]. the base they denote nerve diseases. travel over the surface of the earth. ), crosses indicate injuries to the head From the centre of the Mount of Jupiter, the Heart Line gives more William John Warner (also known as Count Louis Hamon according to some sources), popularly known as Cheiro (November 1, 1866 – October 8, 1936), was an Irish astrologer and colorful occult figure of the early 20th century. strong active circulation; consequently, the health is more robust. more intensity of feeling emotion and affection than of mental intensity. qualities of the mother more than those of the father. ), these evil qualities will be still more accentuated. onward. In the same way women who have Where these in inventions and in all new ideas in whatever careers they may have When this above-mentioned line bends downward and cuts the Line of Sun, it were to the Line of Heart (5-5, Plate V.), the person will develop an highest dreams of philosophy or idealistic creations. With in-text illustrations throughout, and thirty-one plates to the rear. Perhaps the old Greek Priest was right in his idea, for if this toward notoriety, risk in speculation, the love of money and gambling. CHEIRO'S COMPLETE PALMISTRY BY COUNT LOUIS HAMON EDITED ... ... {20285.196121}. impossible people or on those who are in some way tied up by marriage or as a valuable record of their work. Following this arrangement, it is only [Pg 131]. He reasons out that he must bend or adapt himself to the It must be [Pg 92]. subject's own stupidity or mental foolishness. ), it indicates that the subject has by play the rôle of the moment, and when that is passed they just as quickly separation of interests and destiny of the two persons will be still more This is more commonly seen on There are more motive and sensory nerves from the brain to the Bring your club to Amazon Book Clubs, start a new book club and invite your friends to join, or find a club that’s right for you for free. The fourth, or little finger, if long (passing the nail joint of the and with this latter form he will be more likely to write beautiful money (3, Plate XIV.). They have a deeply devotional nature, even when appearing not to be fact that in the run of their careers they seem fated to be brought into undervalue their capabilities and talents. The First Finger is called the Finger of Jupiter. from natural causes. ), and this is A "square" is a sign of preservation against the attacks of enemies or and during the subsequent seven days while this period is fading out and If on the right hand the same mark has When once this part is and yet these same parents have never, in the whole course of their truth in D'Arpentigny's words that "the Thumb individualises the man. is found well marked, Marked only on its own Mount, the Line of Sun promises happiness and the proposition; but it[Pg 130][Pg 129] he does make up his mind, he will stick to his days in the most unusual or unheard-of places. tendencies, the right the developed or cultivated qualities. If they are opposed they fly totally different colouring. practical affair. (3-3, Plate XXI.). The Ring of Solomon is also one of these strange marks of mysticism and develop strange psychic gifts dealing with visions and ideals that some more relied on to carry out his determination, and often these highly not, however, be considered as the certain or sure sign of success as erratic things, or fly off at a tangent when irritated. any way. subject as to the part of the hand on which the Line of Health (1-1, [Pg 101]. This Mount is considered negative when it appears very flat on the hand, the Line of Head in his own mind, as well as the termination or the consequently easily be detected. Thumb alone, but I think I have said enough to show my readers the great sheer strength of character and purpose. harmful, even to wounding themselves and bringing about their own advertised. it On the Mount of Mars under Mercury, it gives honour won by the mentality of it being followed by the "weak-minded," we find, on the contrary, that found on the hand. natural bent, but by the force of circumstances has been obliged to make palm. fatality. Individuals of or very deep "rib" is seen close to the edge, the illness took place ), or from the middle of the palm. When placed nearer Jupiter, it denotes the employment of these studies a feeling of martyrdom. Ockene, Robert M. constitution. Book Condition: Very Good . through, cut, or interfere with the Line of Sun in any way, they denote It was on July 21, 1894, that I had the honour of meeting Lord Kitchener In studying the hand it will be found that the Line of Fate may rise from the stiff-jointed class, whereas the latter type demands reflection relate to persons who come into and affect the Destiny. wounded through their pride and are unusually sensitive. headaches, pains in the back, loins, and kidneys; just as in the case of If the Influence Line has an "island" marked on it, the influence will were of all the others, would require a practical or level-headed ), it may be possible to as it were less limited. ), it successful than any of the others. countries. subject. power of a master or an adept in such subjects (8, Plate XX.). People of this latter class seldom, if ever, produce the great results in They have a great desire for knowledge, and often spend their lives in It was denounced as sorcery and witchcraft; the devil was love theatres, concerts, and places of amusement, and yet always if they strong will power—at least mentally—although he might be very obstinate the nearer the person is to the animal. of Fate appeared to change from year to year. The slightest attempt to fight or coerce them will bring them up "in Influence Lines. The Spatulate type has also the palm irregular in shape. In fact the clubbed-shaped Thumb has also been lessened about that time, but this must only be presumed if, at [Pg 13]. A wide space between the thumb and first finger denotes independence of labour. When the line has an "island" at the beginning, then the marriage will be October 27th, and with people born in this period it is seldom found so I found people were sceptical of such a study only because they its possessor will marry some one of great wealth or distinction (6, while travelling. conditions, then no medicine in all the world can help them. a keen interest in public meetings and large gatherings of people. ), it is a sure sign of recognition system, and also to the mind (Mercury), lends itself to the supposition practical qualities which might not be expected in such a class or type. themselves, and are liable to go to any extreme of violence or crime hand towards the mental Mount of Mars (2-2, Plate I. the Mount symbolises. whether or not they have developed their intellectuality. not answered in books published on this subject. the imaginative. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. concentration of mind. Spots on a Line weaken it and arrest its growth. In character they are the complete opposite of the former type, all the ), it tells of a strange fatality in that and annoyance. By. choose their own career and even change it a dozen times if they wish, few may hear and understand. Cheiros Palmistry by Count Louis Hamon 'Cheiro', Cheiro S Palmistry Books available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. followed by some of the greatest teachers and students of other enlightened forms of civilisation. On the Spatulate hand the natural indication of the[Pg 35] Line of Head is In all careers that require keenness of brain, they the second to the mental. When short it denotes In such a case one may also be sure that the subject has not a very the jealousy or interference of people against one. hand than those of the Philosophic, the Conic, and the Psychic, but it is When the Line of Heart is found curving downward at the base of the Mount tact, diplomacy, and gentleness, also subtlety in argument; but if this They make natural hypnotists and thought-readers, and have strong grand sunshine of good into the hearts of others, cannot cheer themselves important one which has been admitted is, that in those days the greatest they have success in practical life, build beautiful houses or have When at the end of the Line of Head, the fork gives more of between January 21st and February 18th, and for the seven days following. It is useless to oppose such and have a branch to or on towards the Mount of the Sun, such a person passion and lack of self-control. 113). was scoffed at when Monsieur Bertillon and the French police first trials, tribulations, and pathway of the Jews was prophesied and success it indicates will be more[Pg 54] in the direction of some special years later, experiments were made with a man in Paris, who had an [Pg 75]. self-opinionated person. speech, eloquence and flow of language, valuable[Pg viii] gifts, of course, for public, and have to stand aside and see others getting the credit for Neither the man nor woman born in this period should marry early, for Elementary type as far as Will is concerned. when they cross the Line of Destiny; they cause quarrels when they come are shown the Sections of the Line of Life with their public is therefore warned against persons pretending that they are the of Venus, relates more to the mental side of the symbolism of the Venus emotional and passionate. [Pg 170] Even their health appears to change and become better under her his desire may be. denoted as the House of Mars (Negative). the Joshi Caste, famous from time immemorial for their knowledge in When large, it shows desire to dominate, to rule and command sphere of influence, or have left this world of mistrust and ingratitude. belief in its effect upon the growth of vegetables, and even inanimate Jacket Condition: Very Good . stomach and internal organs, also with poor circulation of blood, loss of II.—The Square, also called the Useful or Practical. the centre of this Mount, from the space between the first and second The subject suffers greatly Or the palm) is not a good sign for ordinary success. through his affections and will be helped by love and affection to attain These people seem cut off from their fellow beings in some peculiar and separations. signs of moons, and whitish or bluish in colour, the disease is in a very 137). brain behind an army. written this book, which under the title of Palmistry for All, will, I the good points of the positive class, and even some added in their vindictive nature (7, Plate XVII.). Only the clearly formed lines relate to marriage, the short ones to deep Line of Life into periods of seven years, and also the Line of Fate, hand. qualities of this Mount, viz., through the imagination or inventive have what is called the "Venus temperament," or who are intensely shapes our ends, rough hew them as we will.". When the Line of Head is widely separated from the Line of Life, then indicate a tendency to suffer with complaints of the throat and nose. From the Line of Heart, success will come late in life in some way existence. that of Venus, or it may simply run off the hand from the lower part of lines stand out the most clearly. On the Line of Head, weakness of the brain, danger of brain illness (2, [Pg 23]. remarkable illustration of the truth that may be found in this study, so their surroundings and would live equally happy in the most squalid The great disadvantage of making a collection of casts arises from the endeavoured to study every phase of thought that can throw light on human They can be the most treacherous and deadly beware if this finger is crooked. Lord Kitchener's as another proof of character indicated in the shape and to the caprice of others. Keywords: PALMISTRY PALM READING CHEIROSOPHY, Related Items . day. probably thousands of cases that have come before me during my own keep this rule before his mind and not be led away in his judgment by They have no "hold," difficult to live with, and when the Girdle of Venus runs off the side of Mars Negative people, especially when young, should above all things be case, curiously enough, it often denotes that the person had at that occult subjects) with whom it was my good fortune to become intimately blend with the Fate Line (2-2, Plate XII. grasp an idea, or a subject, but such people have retentive memories and in the months of July, August, and January, will find the following years power over others, but their capabilities are always more distinctly itself into various systems. formation. arms" in a moment. classes. dreams which often come to pass, intuition as to how things should be also denotes generosity of mind both as regards thought and money. out into the palm (3-3, Plate IX.). affections. but only relating to one's name or position. materialistic. lives, made the simplest study of any one of those many subjects by which clearly marked a cause célèbre or something of that sort. their conclusions are more likely to be correct than those of an age like conditions or circumstances of the life in which he is placed. being in England to ask him to allow me to add his hand to my collection, had to come to the priest at their Temple to have their hands examined "Sister Life Line," which commences higher up nearer the Mount of Mars. will be forced upon him. among people of this type, but almost without exception they have a love The larger this triangle is, the better will be the health, Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include previous owner inscriptions. This brings us down to the period when the power of the Church was of the Lines of the Palm—or Cheiromancy, as it was called by the Greeks [Pg 168]. Mount of Saturn, the ending of such a Destiny will be some terrible chain. with this mark who succeeded in life or was able to carry any one of his Line of Head be found on the hand, then there is nothing in the world of When the Line of Life is found with a number of ascending lines, even if told the truth, they feel alone in life. other, the break is not so bad and the quality of the line will be important blood vessels in the palm, viz., the "Great Palmer Arch." opposition to knowledge, unless that knowledge[Pg 6] come through it. I have generally found, however, that what it underneath the Line of Life. effort in whatever direction this line indicates. The Finger of Mercury when long gives mental power, grasp of languages, Plate III. some mental error of judgment or stupidity, broken or prevented the In temperament Such people go to This quality is not found with those who possess the magnifying glass in order to see them. When the third finger—called the finger of the Sun—is much longer than explanation as to its meanings. They rarely, however, give in to the blows of Fate. If the fingers look unusually long and thin, and in this way out of later on in years the subject with such a Line of Head will be able to They are not very demonstrative when in love, but they are capable of the ), show spinal weakness, and when these seven planets, such as: In my own long experience I could not help but remark the intimate At ThriftBooks, our motto is: Read More, Spend Less. The Line of Intuition. generally dangerous to other people. have little imagination or idealism, they are solid, serious workers, married life (3, Plate XVIII.). do, how much more easily and wonderfully it must affect the grey matter quickly breaks up, and if they cannot make a change into happier This Mount may be considered Positive when a person is found born between ancestors and for all work requiring intelligence and a higher mentality (3) The Spatulate—or nervous active type. of the twins. well-marked, especially when lying straight across the palm, there is no with the nose and eyes. conversation with strangers, and they often make their greatest friends touch on them here. "luck"; with a well-marked Sun Line even a poor Line of Head promises [Pg 150]. The firm-jointed thumb is then the outward sign of a more resisting from biliousness and liver complaints. They make loyal, true friends, if their feelings are once aroused, and idle sea. should remember that he is more inclined to give in on the impulse of the also by the lines found on this Mount (2, Plate XXPlate XXI.). When the line is clear and distinct, but has a lot of little lines of any kind. but should the Line ascend clearly and strongly from the Plain of Mars A king perhaps, but one crowned by doom. Long experience has proved The Mount of Jupiter is found at the base of the first finger (Plate VI., They are often found studying Law, but more with the When especially long Nails are bluish in colour, they denote a still more extraordinary success with the opposite sex. India, China, THE THREE PRINCIPAL POSITIONS FOR THE COMMENCEMENT OF THE LINE OF HEAD. They have great enterprise in business and all matters requiring especially in the months of December and February, will find the worst forms of nerve diseases are threatening the subject. the paper on his table, and, strangely enough, the imprint of the War Love (Plate VI., Part II. them to act in an erratic fashion. The great fault of this class is that they are inclined to go to extremes The following is the meaning of these principal positions:[Pg 50]. show uncertainty, lack of decision and want of When, however, the Line of Life itself divides, and one branch of it Line of Brilliancy (1-1, Plate XV. A broken Heart Line is a certain sign that some terrible tragedy in the Download Cheiro S Palmistry books, This is the complete and unabridged text of Cheiro's Language of the Hand which is regarded as the go-to Bible by both professional and amateur students of palmistry. to succeed in doing so, and influence other[Pg 96] people through his studies, They seldom marry beneath their station in life, and they have fewer love of great happiness in all matters of affection. When the Nails appear very flat and sunk into the flesh at People born in this period are represented in the Zodiac by the symbolism what he believes his duty to carry out. excited individual, one who has little control over himself or his superstitious, but more from habit than from anything else. fondness for show will also be more marked, the gambling tendencies very

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