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    Women and children are particularly vulnerable as women around the world lack access to contraceptives, prenatal and antenatal care and 5 million children under the age of five die annually. Class of 1922 Endowed Fund Social, environmental, and economic consequences of poverty and inequality affect all of us. Alistair M. Barr 6 James and Jennifer King *Patricia Parker Francis Barbara Volk Rivera ’70 Benjamin D. Vorpahl ’17 After Ripon, Burgchardt was one of only 29 American students selected that year to receive the coveted Gates Cambridge Fellowship to study for a master’s of philosophy (MPhil) in archaeology at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Jeff C. Bumby ’65 and Dianne W. Ashley ’64 Jean M. Kloehn 6 Warren H. and Charlotte W. Sherman Kay Scheunemann Eggert 38 Melody Sims-Ohnesorge William C. ’69 and Christine Hershey Jordan ’70 National Philanthropic Trust 12 The texture of the lights and the sharp contrast against the darkness dominate the intentionally obscured images, asking the viewer to reflect further on the series. Rollin E. Gridley 13 When Kingdoms Fall | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020, Legends Rise | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020, In Your Heart Shall Burn | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020, Tranquil Titan | Photograph | 6” x 9” | 2020. Thomas R. and Suzanne Hefty He and his wife, Diane Calzaretta, have two daughters, Michaella and Marina Calzaretta. ’64 and Susan K. Thornton Douglas and Maureen Johnson 11 David H. Sr. and Elizabeth A. Daugherty 5 Oscar C. and Patricia H. Boldt 46 Terry G. Stewart 17 Kris and Christine Lesley In the United States, approximately 1 in 8 people live at or below poverty line (U.S. Census Bureau, 2018). Daniel U. Charlotte Lee Wahle ’13 and Marty R. Wahle, D. C. Anderson Jr. ’52 Ripon Athletic 18 Brendan J. McCoy ’17 and Madeline VandenHouten McCoy ’17 Callysta Hansen ‘21 of Franksville, Wisconsin Amy Fruehwald 2 Gary L. ’72 and Jean Kirkpatrick Lederer ’73 Thomas B. Kloosterboer ’77 and Linda Bier Kloosterboer ’83 and Janice Heinz Franzen ’83 David I. and Doreen Conforti Chemerow ’73 Kenneth L. and Susan M. Hill 11 Bret T. ’92 and Jennifer Hanson Reese ’94 ’83 and Kelly Sallee Jahn ’86 Mark J. Kortebein ’83 Michael J. UnitedHealth Group 9 Prudential Financial 5 James L. Stone Endowed Scholarship *Mabel Schwiesow Lent ’40 Shirley E. Reddoch 33 Dale E. Abrams ’71 Bruce L. Wickert ’75 Kevin G. and Holly M. Lenk 4 Gregg E. Petersen ’78 and Shirley E. Reddoch This is an open page for all former students and staff of Ripon College of Education. Continue to find us on Facebook and Instagram @rccounseling123 for helpful information, something to make you smile or a reminder that we will all get through this together. *Margaret Chittenden Ruhof ’36 Lyle L. Heide ’55 Richard R. Willich ’64 Henrik M. Schatzinger 10 Brian P. Downey ’77 Spin with Ric is canceled Monday, Wednesday, and Friday next week. D. C. Anderson Jr. ’52 Karen Kimen 5 This body of work is a collection of images that illustrates a broken narrative with two figures posing as titans, within a broken world. These figures are adapting and overcoming the tragedy that exists in their world. Sabrina M. and Julie Hinchman 2 Michael R. ’88 and Susan Lemske Pierson Barbara E. Sisson 8 William T. Baker ’92 Walker & Dunlop, LLC + 3 *Vincent A. and Eleanor Palmer Michael W. and Sue E. Warczak 7 but aging population creates a difficult demographic transition. Robert R. Meyer ’78 Paul B. Cors ’53 ’81 and Dianne Orndorff Dimond ’81 “Sarge” Peters Endowed Award Bryan W. ’03 and Amy Gabriel Gerretsen ’04 Lack of decent work results in poverty as well as limited access to basic human rights including food, water, health care, and education. Mary Ann Johnsen 41 Logan T. ’15 and Rachel Soich John Poulakos ‘22 of Greenfield, Wisconsin, Clarice Bergman ‘22 of Whitewater, Wisconsin Nicholas and Jody Pankratz Fuller Company Foundation + 5 Sally Hand Mauson ’70 Mary Jane Bumby ’52 At Ripon, he majored in computer science. Rene H. and Barbara Young Males 1954, 1952 Endowed Scholarship ’67 and Judith Wilkinson Neill ’68, Howard C. Hansen ’37 & Helen Exner Kilbourne ’36, Helen E. Hansen ’66 and Robert E. Collier, John F. Jr. ’65 and Sharon Patterson Newhard, James E. ’89 and Katherine Linnen Czarnik, William M. II ’99 and Emmylou Litschke Swartz ’97, John P. ’73 and Jane Runkel Frederick ’74, Bryan W. ’03 and Amy Gabriel Gerretsen ’04, Tove Frang Mandigo ’67 and Evan H. Mandigo, Corinna Kirchgeorg 1912 & Clemens G. Kirchgeorg ’28, Connie Jess Zolkoske ’77 and Charles J. Zolkoske, Clarence L. ’91 and Katherine Gatchell Searles ’92, Georgia Alcher Tillema ’60 and John M. Tillema, Michael A. Thomas A. and Mary E. Avery 18 Imagineers Screen Printing and Sports 6 Nine plaster panels, sumi ink Jean Stajich Jason A. Beck ’01 *Edward and *Mary Carbon *Mary Jane Gordon ’42 ’83 and Janice Heinz Franzen ’83 John R. and Jane McNaughton 35 Allen M. Peters ’59 Doris Damon Miller 1943 Endowed Scholarship Updates Regarding New Campus Restrictions, A Statement from the Inclusion Audit Committee (IAC), Staff member Ric Damm featured in newspaper profile, Sara Hathaway quoted in article about current economic environment. Kaitlin Rose Hutchinson ‘21 of Sturtevant, Wisconsin + Personalized admission and academic advising Birgit Abromaitis Retson ’77 Marianne K. Laska ’19 Bruce P. Anderson ’57 Harry W. Knop, Jr. 1942 Endowed Science Scholars Program David C. and Lynne C. Joyce 15 Charles K. and Karen Parsons 26 Sejal V. Shah ’96 *William T. ’40 and *Edna Jordan Gilkey Robert L. Reilly ’65 James T. Jr. and Shirley A. Duncan 44 Ralph Hale Ruppert and Lenore M. Ruppert Distinguished Professorship in American History, Principles and Traditions Melissa A. Wege 2 Suzanne B. Geroso 31 *Densmore R. Dickinson ’33 Loren H. and Mary M. Matzdorf 19 Stephen K. Astmann ’63 William Harley Barber Endowed Physics Award ’45 and Lorrie Emanuel Loren J. and Deanna V. Boone David and Donna Scanlon Michael R. and Sandra L. Schick 12 ’82 and Celina S. Allan *Henry L. Brooks ’33 Heidi and Paul Semenske Larry Barker Chemistry Prize Department of Communication Endowment Fund William C. ’73 and Karen MacLeod Matthew J. Huettner William R. Haljun ’64 Gretchen Schlenk Pickard Christopher M. ’67 and Colleen Durkin Small ’67 *Jane Shea Barclay Janice M. Grismer 2 Charles K. and Karen Parsons 26 Greg Tolander Callysta Hansen ‘21 of Franksville, Wisconsin Gerard J. Hying 8 Robert Stanton 3 The Harley-Davidson Foundation, Inc. + 27 Nedra and Bill Martz Endowed Scholarship in English Herbert P. Holcli Endowed Scholarship They are heroes fighting for the good of all people and together making their world a better place. Molly Potter ‘21 of Gurnee, Illinois ’41 and *Kathleen S. Parvis Greenfield, Wisconsin, Deshawn Thomas, 2020 Kiera Robe ‘21 of Oshkosh, Wisconsin Scott W. Witz 6 Karla A. Spinks 2 Judy Hughes Phillips ’62 Halina Estelle Decker ‘21 of Saint Paul, Minnesota Mark N. and Penelope Pate Greene Scott L. ’74 and Linda Mohr Dicks ’74 Jody Dalton Roy Scholarship Endowment *Verona Peters Van Ess ’30 Jane A. Wilcox 41 Jeffrey L. Sr. and Amy J. Grinde 3 MaryJo MacSwain ’77 Ellen Reap Merwin 7 Katherine Ruth Anne Myszewski ’19 William W. Leiner, Jr. ’74 and Mary Munro James T. Cunningham ’54 Margaret Dalton Herzberger 9 Patricia Ostrom Kohnen ’64 Portage Legion Baseball Team Gordon H. ’67 and Jacquelyn Stuit Steinbach ’69 Jane Van Gorden 24 James H. and Joan M. Engstrom 2 Hansen/Kilbourne Endowed Scholarship Julia E. Manor Jacquelyn M. Sierlecki 21 He has taught in the Department of Chemistry since coming to Ripon College in August 1987. James T. Cunningham ’54 Michael John Hartman ‘20 of Grafton, Wisconsin The O. L. Moore Foundation 53 Matthew D. Knoester 2 Robert J. Bechard ’84 Ned Lufrano ’54 James E. Russo 4 Nick and Robyn Hamilton Jeffrey D. Johnson ’78 *W. Oscar ’29 and *Evelyn L. Wilkinson Karl I. Solibakke 2 Dawn Benning LaBarbera ’82 Ripon College Cuddesdon is a Church of England theological college in Cuddesdon, a village 5.5 miles (8.9 km) outside Oxford, England.The College trains men and women for ministry in the Church of England: stipendiary, non-stipendiary, local ordained and lay ministry. *James E. Reed ’67 George H. Sr. ’74 and Louise Renier Boothby ’75 Gretchen Baehr and James Cahoy She and her husband, David C. Adams, have three children, Robert E. “Zeke,” Annie and Mary Jo. Sara Hathaway, director of Career and Professional Development, was quoted in an article published Monday, Aug. 31, on the personal finance website WalletHub. Norbert W. ’59 and Sandra Osborne Thieme Christopher L. Shepard ’82 Joshua M. Satzer ’98 Scott E. and Sheri S. McMurray 6 Tracy Larkin Endrizzi 22 Edward F. Deren 1949 Endowed Scholarship While I have a fascination with photographing human figures, I also find myself having excitement for works that depict natural lifestyles. Funke Family Dentistry Ripon, Wisconsin. *Curt and *Cora Kanow ’83 and Kelly Sallee Jahn ’86 He also was responsible for the preservation of a massive newspaper collection during a 40-year career at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. David L. and Elizabeth W. Harris Endowed Scholarship He has served as co-director of the Center for Politics and the People from 2015 to the present. Lois Quinney 11 He resides in Ripon with his wife, Jessi McConnell Johnson ’04, and their children, Addisyn, 11; Kennedy, 9; and Asher, 4. HIV/AIDS, malaria), “lifestyle” diseases (e.g. Lois Ripley Arnegard Endowed Scholarship Robert MacSwain 3 Thomas E. Caestecker Jeneva Lindsey ‘21 of Juneau, Wisconsin Vanguard Charitable 19 2017-19 Wipe down barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates after you use them. Joseph A. and Marcia S. Di Piazza Jessica Reyes ‘20 of Chicago, Illinois Lindsay A. Blumer 4 Coral M. Eakins ’19 Mark and Lisa Barbian Steven J. Hopp ’83 Charles L. III ’00 and Kersten Holm Larson ’00 James A. Demas 30 Ronald R. ’70 and Loretta Law Peterson Connie Herbon Moser ’84 and Michael D. Moser Diemer/Hawley Family Endowed Scholarship Kathleen Fazekas 18 Jeanne M. Lukanich ’83 Dean R. Sharpe ’71 Alexander L. Freed and Innessa Drabkin *Robert W. Tagge ’55 Senior Class Gift Endowed Scholarship In 2016, almost 900,000 US households experienced eviction (The Eviction Lab, 2018). *James P. Brost ’56 Harry M. ’77 and Susan Lambert Quinn ’79 *Barbara Zimay Riel ’57 Peter D. ’71 and Joan Reinke Ziegler ’70 Thomas C. Clapp ’93 Jon P. ’58 and Jane A. Wilcox Bruce L. Wickert ’75 Kailee Betler ‘20 of Berlin, Wisconsin Carrie Denison Palmer Endowed Scholarship Susan B. Papke 30 Jeffrey E. ’69 and Carol Engel Schefermann ’70 Dietrich Trust Adorn Shop Lauren E. Hince ’18 *Ralph W. ’33 and *Helen Wells Cooke ’33 The clown is sad and distraught and has every reason to be. Joshua M. Satzer ’98 Andrew W. and Christine M. Kubica 4 David E. ’84 and Linda Hornby Shogren Elliot M. Samuels ’66 William B. Miller ’52 Ripon Area Builders, Inc. 23 Mark and Dionne Landgraf 2 Lee A. Prellwitz 4 Joseph R. Comfort ’62 Director/Coach Skyhawks Sports Academy June 2016 – August 2016 3 months. He continued to play trumpet later in several bands and orchestras in the Muscatine area. From leaving unsightly produce in the field due to consumer demand for uniform produce to the leftovers in our fridges destined for the landfill, much food, and with that, resources including fossil fuels, fertilizers and pesticides, soil, and water, are wasted. Lois Ripley Arnegard Endowed Scholarship *Robert H. Giertsen ’40 Kathleen Burrall Justic ’92 George F. ’44 and *Patricia Reed Erdman Nicole Petrovic ‘21 of Mt. Nanette Macknick Johnson ’66 Brian P. Downey ’77 William R. Stott Jr. Woods Tylor S. Loest ’07 Gary L. ’72 and Jean Kirkpatrick Lederer ’73 Tom and Isabel Jones Richard R. Sykes 38 American Online Giving Foundation, Inc. 3 Peter G. Roehl ’68 Gisselle Tellez ‘21 of Round Lake, Illinois Phyllis J. Nielsen 2 Whitewater, Wisconsin. Kathleen Nickel 15 The works in Signal were translated into Morse code from anti-war/anti-patriarchy poems and writings by women. Benjamin D. Kinas 5 Elenita Jackson Parker ’72 Ned 1954 and Joan Lufrano Endowed Scholarship *James C. Pickard ’49 Bryan R. Ernst 2 Paul B. Cors ’53 Wooden boxes, acrylic ink, artificial birds 01865 877479. humphrey.southern@rcc.ac.uk. Kathryn R. Schultz ’89 Elizabeth Ringstad 18 David E. 1984 and Linda Shogren Endowed Scholarship for the Arts James C. Evans ’79 Kirk John Christopher Endowed Scholarship Kaye Reese Jenna Nicole Schoenmann ‘21 of Mazomanie, Wisconsin LaReine R. Fedor His hometown is Chicago. Gary E. Long ’66 Elizabeth J. Miller ’59 Aetna Foundation, Inc. + 51 Richard K. Sr. ’76 and Kathy C. Russo Gabriella Mraz ‘20 of Wind Lake, Wisconsin Radtke Contractors, Inc. 5 Louis C. Jr. and Rae M. Schubert 31 Nancy Gerathy Cole ’69 Eugene A. Randall Cox and Penny Lee-Cox Ned 1954 and Joan Lufrano Endowed Scholarship Schuyler Riley 01865 877405. mark.chapman@rcc.ac.uk. Ripon College is a private liberal arts college in Ripon, Wisconsin.As of fall 2018, Ripon College's student body stood at around 800, the majority of whom live on campus. Richard K. 1976 and Kathy Russo Family Endowed Scholarship E. W. Aylward Jr. Palos Heights, Illinois, Calista DeCramer, 2020 Green Lake/Ripon Tennis Group 6 Class of 1943 Library Endowment Thomas W. Moniz Michael J. Roger B. ’58 and Peggy A. Sturm and F.S. Thank you!”. Kevin L. Dykstra ’83 Isaac and Nicole Wiseman Merck Company Foundation + 36 Robert and Joan Schaupp Family Endowed Scholarship Mark J. Wright ’75 and Marcia Wilson Wahoske ’75 Gerald M. and Kathleen J. Rogers T. Herve and T. Eugenie Some 8 *Patricia Parker Francis Mark A. Peter L. ’59 and Joyce Prout Kasson ’61 Jen Rintelmann and Susan Reiterman Pecha Family Foundation 17 James R. Clark ’68 Jack Meyer ’73 Joanna M. Christoph Keri Bushweiler 2 Bernada Jaeger 2 *Robert G. Lambert ’52 *Julie H. Johnson and Stephen H. Johnson 20 Erroll B. Davis Minority Achievement Award Dante A. *Robert V. ’44 and Norma Cadieu The 2020 season marks Yoder's 18th as a football coach. Kris B. and Teresa M. Bruhns 4 Raylyn Contractors Sarah Eng ’98 William A. James T. Jr. and Shirley A. Duncan 44 James J. Okray ’83 Anne Gero 26 Bret T. ’92 and Jennifer Hanson Reese ’94 This history includes a lack of worker’s rights, exploitation, and even enslavement. James R. 1976 and Suki Pierce Endowed Scholarship William A. This challenge addresses the conservation of water as well as adaptation to water shortages. William R. Haljun ’64 With more information occurring with the COVID-19 Ripon College has made the decision to cancel all outside group events and extend our Spring Break until at least March 30th. Scott and Carol Brawner Andrew Johnson ‘20 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Bradley J. MetLife Foundation + 36 Frey/Dalhauser Trust Scholarship for Physics and Chemistry Jimmy and Ann Fish Lori T. Raetzman-Davies ’94 Jeffrey D. Johnson ’78 *Arloine A. Wernecke Ariana N. Myers ’14 Christopher J. Wayne Larson Lori A. Schulze and Bob Schulze Richard N. Zimman and Valerie Cox, Anonymous Donors Andrew W. ’81 and Susan Angell Schmidt ’80 Moore Family Endowed Scholarship By transforming mundane things into unrecognizable collages filled with creatures, patterns, and places, I am making people more curious about the smaller objects they pass by every day. *Loren ’30 and *Grace Westenborg Oliver ’28 Homesickness Series | Ink on paper | 13.5″ x 25″ | 2017-2020, Recession | Ink on paper | 13.5″ x 25″ | 2020, Neighbors | Ink on paper | 13.5″ x 17.25″ | 2018, White Picket Fence | Ink on paper | 13.5″ x 17″ | 2017, Cottage | Ink on paper | 13.5″ x 16.5″ | 2017, Single Family Home | Ink on paper | 13.5″ x 15.5″ | 2017, Foundation | Ink on paper | 13.5″ x 16.5″ | 2017, Lone Victorian | Ink on paper | 13.5″ x 15.5″ | 2016, Domestic Fragment Series | Plaster and found objects | Size Variable | 2017-2020, Child’s Toy | Plaster and found stuffed animal | 4″ x 5.5″ x 3″ | 2017, Portraits of Home Series | Ink on Panel | 5″ x 7″ | 2018-2020, 4854 Springle Street | Ink on Panel | 5″ x 7″ | 2018, 3859 Manistique Street | Ink on Panel | 5″ x 7″ | 2019, 352 Pasadena Street | Ink on Panel | 5″ x 7″ | 2018, 427 S. Crossley Street | Ink on Panel | 5″ x 7″ | 2019, 190 Avalon Street | Ink on Panel | 5″ x 7″ | 2017, 4726 Springle Street | Ink on Panel | 5″ x 7″ | 2018, 1616 Gray Street | Ink on Panel | 5″ x 7″ | 2018, 2016 Charles P. ’91 and Ellen Reap Merwin Jeff C. Bumby ’65 Dennis J. and Melissa Straubinger Stehlik 5 He was trained by Mauricio Lasansky at the University of Iowa and worked as his personal assistant and printer. Jeffrey D. Arnold 8 Keith C. Grant ’84 and Mary Dillon-Grant F.C. Vanguard Charitable 19 From leaving unsightly produce in the field due to consumer demand for uniform produce to the leftovers in our fridges destined for the landfill, much food, and with that, resources including fossil fuels, fertilizers and pesticides, soil, and water, are wasted. ’53 and *Joan Hurley Van Zoeren ’53 He died in April 22, 1998. Travelers + 11 Nicholas and Jody Pankratz David E. Weaver III ’62 W. Bernard and Meta Williams 1918, 1920 Endowed Scholarship This series defies the traditional function of a mirror, creating a situation where the viewer is not in the reflection. Brooke Tireman Konopacki ’94 It’s part of our value statement to you. Lindsey Karras ‘20 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin He also was responsible for the preservation of a massive newspaper collection during a 40-year career at the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Frederick J. Schaupp ’80 Elizabeth Ringstad 18 Virginia M. and Bradford A. Williams 1924 Endowed Scholarship Diana L. Lawrence 4 Dustin R. Zuelke ’09, Mary E. and Thomas A. Avery P’09 *Barbara Kinsley Koehler ’39 Accurate Controls, Inc. 8 William and Florence Foster Endowed Scholarship Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, Inc. 8 Linda J. Corder Heidi Dohlman Bouzek *Vincent A. and Eleanor Palmer Forrest S. “Woody” Moy 1956 Endowed Scholarship Louise A. Lowery 29 Lamers Bus Lines, Inc. 9 *Lola Schultz Castner 1919 Ripon College contains the spread of COVID-19 virus. Jaclyn Zeman ‘21 of Sussex, Wisconsin In addition to on-campus visits, the Office of Admission will continue to offer virtual visits for families as well. Rita M. Peters 6 Dean A. Pape 18 Curtis H. Solberg 26 Patricia Hooper Poate ’43 Madison Community Foundation 14 *James and *Jane Bayer Philip K. ’69 and Patricia Nixon McCullough Margaret Gero DaValt ’80 Thomas W. Abendroth ’81 and Terri L. Mascherin Biogen Foundation Pearl Terbilcox Patricia J. Scott 23 Kay Kelch 2 Callista DeCramer ‘20 of Princeton, Wisconsin Access to family planning is a key factor in women’s equality while also stabilizing population growth globally. Whitewater, Wisconsin. James P. Danky ’70 of Stoughton, Wisconsin, is retired from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he taught in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Katherine S. Wade ’88 ’72 and Suellen Reigle Altholz ’73 He received several degrees in art-print making from the University of Iowa, where he also served as a teaching assistant in the print department. As a student at Ripon, you will be assigned a faculty adviser based on your area(s) of interest. *John B. In my photos, I seek forced perspective and moods of light and dark emotion, all while being captured with a spontaneous, yet quiet, incognito facade from me being behind the camera. Michael R. and Sandra L. Schick 12 James E. ’58 and Karlyn Reath Webster Brian H. and Mary Kaye Smith Brendan J. McCoy ’17 and Madeline VandenHouten McCoy ’17 *Yvonne A. Gardiol Martha Conrad Clark 39 Canon Prof. Mark Chapman. Michael G. and Lory A. Bretsch ’43 and *Helen Fossland Zippel ’42 Northwestern Mutual Foundation + 56 Donald and Ann Wendel 7 Richard G. and Sandra S. Scamehorn Oyster ’58 John B. and Gail Firer 16 Selena Rose Luna ‘21 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin Ellen E. Mathelus At Ripon, he majored in sociology-anthropology and participated in Merriman/Phi Kappa Pi. Caitlin Sue McNulty ‘21 of Neenah, Wisconsin David A. Sharolyn Howard Burkoth Robert J. Kirkland ’81 *Ann E. Ewing ’41 Students should utilize their local crisis support services, the Crisis Text Line (text START to 741741), the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255), or call 9-1-1. tuition, room, board, fees, etc.) Kara Kinas Jankowski 3 John D. and Carla K. Goode 3 Nedra Linville Martz Edmond T.C. Kathy G. Webster 32 *Barbara S. Nelson Alice Hall Hayes ’69 Jackie Theune has been with Ripon College since September 1984 and is retiring as the lead housekeeper. William A. Shannon Henman Thomas E. Caestecker 33 Andrew and Joanne Wirth As a trans artist, it is important to tell my story, and the narrative in this series is about the trans dream: a bright goal surrounded by the dark, terrifying, and lonely experience of being trans. Carol V. Lukoski 2 His honors include the U.S Army Master Aviator Wings, Bronze Star, Life Saving Award, HAI Golden Hour Award, ALEA Aircrew of the Year Award and German-American Friendship Award. Frey/Dalhauser Trust Scholarship for Physics and Chemistry Hazel Shindo Jaclyn Zeman ‘21 of Sussex, Wisconsin We have the capability to use Zoom, a HIPPA approved site. John H. Wolfe ’69 Daniel and Susan Fladhammer 13 Robert C. Burress ’61 Barbara Volk Rivera ’70 Samuel W. Pickard ’55 Deborah Jensen Lahteine ’93 Melrose Park, Illinois, Haley Stowell, 2020 Gordon R. Connor Endowed Scholarship *Lois L. Arnegard Sharon R. L. Durtka and Alexander P. Durtka Jr. 9 , we are able to consult, assess and refer.  Due to regulations and licensing rules, we cannot provide telemental health out-of-state services. ’06 and Kaelin Butch Fontaine ’06 Suzanne B. Geroso 31 cardiovascular illness, diabetes), environmental illnesses (e.g. *Mildred Hotchkiss Banville 1923 AJS Janitorial Services Stephen K. Astmann ’63 *Jean Hammond Otto ’48 William K. Grieb ’70 David C. and Kathy Thies 11 Roger Volkman 24 *Berdyne Butcher Eddy ’38 Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges & Universities 11 Sharyn Hayes F. Scott and Eloise Hartman Frey Sarah L. Quella 2 Robert A. and Donna C. Rosner Arthur Wong ’53 Joseph A. and Marcia S. Di Piazza Grant Mauk and Marcia Rokus Mauk ’69 Dennis M. Joy 20 Roland and Rita Pond A. Diane Strong Marshall ’79 Joyce Watry Dieck ’84 and Randal Dieck This challenge therefore addresses issues related to reproductive, neonatal, maternal, and children’s health worldwide. Arlene Jaffee Rosen 35 Susan Rigler Palmer ’79 and Jon E. Palmer Robert H. and Carol M. Young 29 Ann and Charles B. Atwood Scholarship Fund A two-time All-Region and three-time All-Conference selection, Johnson still ranks fourth in school history for both career home runs (25) and triples (8), sixth in hits (174), seventh in doubles (32), seventh in total bases (297), and ninth in stolen bases (23). Kenneth R. ’85 and Daedre Carlson Nancy J. Bestland 32 Almost a third of global detainees are held without sentencing. Des Lauriers ’82 Jayson J. Duffy and Jennifer M. Duffy 3 This challenge therefore addresses the unevenly distributed access to nature and natural resources. Elizabeth Pecha-Poelker ’78 Paul J. *Rupert J. Groh Jr. ’55 Thomas I. Major General and Mrs. William Blakefield 1939, 1941 Endowed Scholarship *Barbara Doehling Doran ’45 *Jean Thiele Stevens ’39 John F. Glaser Award *Neil A. Charles E. Szurszewski and Christina A. Meserve 13 Ruby Ibaraki Mizue ’70 Garry M. and Darlene M. Martin 4 Adam E. Crawford ’03 Susan B. After Ripon, Burgchardt was one of only 29 American students selected that year to receive the coveted Gates Cambridge Fellowship to study for a master’s of philosophy (MPhil) in archaeology at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. Please avoid coming and working out even if you’re feeling a little sick. Doris Caballero Van Aken ’45

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