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    thule bike rack weight limit

    Carries 1 bike; The frame holder and the wheel tray are designed to position the bike correctly in place. Home; Racks & Carriers; Bike racks; Rear door bike racks; Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. The wheel-hold style is the most preferred by enthusiast mountain bikers because of their ease of use and care they offer expensive mountain bikes. The wheel-hold style is the most preferred by enthusiast mountain bikers because of their ease of use and care they offer expensive mountain bikes. Transporting your bikes goes off without a hitch when you use the Thule Raceway Platform. Thule Vertex Swing-Away 4 Hitch Rack. Securing of the bike can be done easily at car roof height; Quick-release wheel straps for convenient loading and unloading; Adjustable for … An optional third rail is available to purchase separately. I contacted Subaru and they told me the weight limit on their factory rack is 150 pounds. While Thule notes that the EasyFold is compatible with all types of bikes (including road, mountain, and fat), with a 66-pound weight limit per bike, and with an ebike mounted on the rack at Thule’s Interbike booth, the EasyFold is truly designed for heavyweight motorized bicycles. Edited 20 November by Dale_Stevens. Thule 9034XTB T2 Pro XT Bike Rack. This tray-style, trunk-mounted 2-bike rack offers easy loading, keeps bikes separated with frame clamps and secures to your trunk with a locking knob. Link to post Number of Bikes to Carry Would it be capable of transporting 2 e bikes weighing 60 lbs each ? I have a Thule Camber 4 bike hitch rack with maximum load capacity of 150 lbs. If I put four 35lb bikes on it, that's 240lbs total weight. I was worried about the 70 lb weight limit but prolly won't every load two 35+ lb bikes anyway. I've never seen the NS racks in person, perhaps they are better for 4 bike loads. I bought it for $263 but right now it seems to be listing at $330. The Thule Express 970 bike carrier is a simple, quick, and easy-to-use bike rack and is capable of carrying up to 2 bikes on the towbar on your car. There is a bike weight limit of 25kg which might preclude some e-bikes but regular mountain and road bikes should be just fine inside this limit. They have AcuTight knobs that “click” when optimal torque is reached so you know when your bike is secure. Easy to install, and I've had no trouble lifting my bikes onto the rack. This gives a larger total payload for carrying bikes on the rack. So if this is indeed the case I am not sure if the Yakima or Thule system would really give me anything more than using the factory cross bars–which have a 30 inch spread and therefore are the same as the Yakima bars and wider than the Thule bars. Thule / Yakima. First of all, unless you have a large bike, you will have a hard time squeezing it onto this rack at all. Thule frame adapter: 982XT Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Other specifications and technical info: Max load capacity: 60kg (30kg per bike, tow bar nose weight limit permitting) Weight: 17.9kg I have a Thule roof rack and roof mounted bike racks, ski racks, and cargo boxes. If you need to transport three bikes, the VeloCompact 927 (£425) has an extra bike rack. 6 best hanging hitch-mount bike racks. You wouldn't get a higher capacity when using a roof tent. This rack works perfectly with little bounce. Can I mount Thule roof mounted bike carriers on non-Thule roof racks? Top 5 Best Swing Away Bike Racks. #3. It’s easy to mount a bike of any shape and size and the rack can be a one bike or two bike version. From Thule, Saris and Exodus, buy online for delivery or free click & collect in store. We recommend that the spare wheel carrier is reinstalled at the rear of the Discovery caravans when the bike rack is fitted by a Bailey retailer. 6zfshdb Well-Known Member. Even if you don’t have a rack, you can buy and install one easily. He said he would definitely not mount a tandem bike due to not only the weight of the bike but also the amount of sway which is a result of the highway speeds combined with the weight of the bike. If you have a rack (or a long-tail cargo bike), this tends to be the easiest option. Thule has finally joined the wheel-hold tray rack category with the Helium Platform rack. Also I wanted a rack that would fold up on the hitch so I could get it and my car in the garage without having to take it off. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . To start with, this bike rack is able to carry two of your bikes at the same time thus making your trip simple if you have to carry more than one bike … (Some bike seats even come with a rack). A simple compression strap solves that problem, but still. Fits most 20 – 29” wheel bicycles with tires up to 3 wide (up to 5” with Thule UpRide Fatbike Adapter, sold separately). The Thule 9029 Vertex is the 4-bike version of Thule's new hitch racks that feature unique arc design making them easier to load and unload, and providing better ground clearance and greater distance between bikes for easy transport. If so, it seems crazy that this car wouldn't be able to carry 4 bikes. Rack Attack sells three types of hitch bike racks. If you read the fine print most tray racks cannot handle 4 DH/FR bikes without hitting their recommended weight limits - that goes for Thule, Yakima, Saris, etc on their premium tray racks. Hitch-mount hanging bike racks can hold up a considerable amount of weight and fold down to a compact size when not in use. Browse a huge range of the rear mounted bike racks and cycle carriers. I'm 5'11" with a 54cm road bike and it fits just right. While the 2-bike version has a 75-lb total weight limit, the 4-bike version has a 150-lb limit. A Thule rear door bike rack can be perfect for transporting one or more bikes on the rear of your car – especially if your car doesn't have a towbar. Thule T2 is one of the best bike racks on the market that comes accompanied with many attractive features that will equally make you want to have this bike rack. The second type of bike rack is a platform rack where the bikes mount via the tires. The Thule T2 Classic is a tray style hitch mount rack, similar in function to our Editors' Choice, the Thule T2 Pro XT.A favorite among our testers, it is the less expensive, blue-collar option when compared to the more refined and visually pleasing Kuat NV or the Thule T2 Pro XT.The T2 Classic can carry nearly any type of bike regardless of wheel size, fork dropout style, or frame design. Max Wheelbase (INCHES) 50 : Max Bike Weight (LBS) 1.25" 1-Bike: 60 lbs 1.25" 2-Bike: 40 lbs per tray 2" 2-Bike: 60 lbs per tray 3" 2-Bike: 30 lbs per tray 1-Bike Add-On: 40lbs Weight per tray drops to 40 lbs per tray for all trays when Add-On is added: Max Tire Width (INCHES) 5" Wheel Size (INCHES) 18" to 29" Hitch Connection : Hand-Tight Cam System I like the Topeak Explorer. Let's say the Thule T2 and Add-On weigh about 100lbs. One oddity - it accepts 4" fat tires, but the built-in tiedowns don't fit across the wheel rim. Thule Easyfold XT towbar bike rack Thule Easyfold XT towbar bike rack. Ultra-Light Aluminum is nearly half the weight of most hitch racks, for easy handling, installation and removal Patented Hold Fast Cradles with RDT ... you may need a frame adapter to carry your bike on a hanging-style rear mount bike rack. It's easy to mount a bike of any shape and size and the rack can be a one bike or two bike version. Locks the bike to the bike rack and the bike rack to the roof racks (locks included). The 9034XTB is no exception, although all of the features can be found on less expensive brands the Thule does it a little better. Do I have to adhere to the weight limit per bike on a bike rack, even though I only mount one bike and this doesn't exceed the total allowed weight? The Thule Superb can hold two bikes up to 30kg each. Towbar bike racks. The bike frame holders are lockable and are easy to move to make loading bikes much easier. I wouldn't say my bike wheels are at the limit of what the rack can take.   Compatibility SwingBlade - The new SwingBlade end cap pivots open to allow full access to the t-slot for easy accessory installs. Will my bike fit your bike racks? Does that mean I've exceeded the tongue weight, since the entirety of the rack/bike weight is being held up by the hitch? So this one was a little disappointing. Especially when you consider that people would be moving around in the tent which would simulate the weight changes of a moving vehicle. See all 8 articles. These racks will carry pretty much any bikes under the weight limit. Strength BoxBeam - The sophisticated BoxBeam aluminum extrusion creates one of the strongest load bars on the market.  Using a vertical load test, the AeroBlade can sustain over 800 lbf of force. The Thule roof racks only have one weight capacity and that is 165 lbs which typically is higher than the roof capacity of the vehicle. Love all of them. Thule towbar bike racks are easy to install and use with the option to carry up to 4 bikes. This two bike rack system arrives pre assembled and has what is reported to be one of the easiest systems for attaching to the tow bar on the market. I went with a Thule T1 Bike Rack from etrailers.com. When choosing a rack, make sure that it has a high enough weight limit to safely carry your child—some don’t. The new Thule Helium Platform is a hitch-mounted bike carrier that holds bikes in … Thule ProRide 591 Roof Mounted Bike Rack. They mount to the receiver towbar so no base rack is needed. • Max bike weight: 37.5 lb ... while the maximum load limit on the Thule Helium 2-bike is 75-pounds. The first is a hanging racks where the bikes sit upright. Very few racks work with dual-suspension bikes, so we were glad to find this rack and the "Thule Pack 'n Pedal Side Frames" to carry our Ortlieb panniers. I have a solution for you, however, my technical contact at Yakima stated the heaviest bike they would recommend mounting on the Yakima BlockHead Single Bike Rack Mount # Y01117 would be 35lbs. Thule has finally joined the wheel-hold tray rack category with the Helium Platform rack. Stock Description: Thule Trunk Bike Racks – TH9003. Rear door bike racks. Nose weight and payload It's worth noting that you can't add on an extension to the Thule Helium 1 or 2-bike racks. If you want the absolute best quality in racks and carriers Thule is the choice, and those who know will seek out the best! Thule has once again stepped up with a quality, super convenient way to transport your bikes. The racks held up well but the side frames did not - made of aluminum and plastic, one side broke during the ride, and the remainder finished the trip only with the help of multiple zip-ties to hold everything in place. Maximum bike weight up to 20kg. I guess your caravan is lighter than most, meaning the weight of the bike doesn't exceed your vehicles towbar nose weight limit? It is because some racks might not last longer than it should if the users always use it in its weight limit.

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