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    yucca plant indoor care

    When grown indoors, these individuals obviously won’t grow all that tall. When grown indoors, yucca plants will need fertilizer once a month, especially in spring and summer. However, you can give them an occasional dose of an all-purpose houseplant food a couple times a year during the spring and summer. Your plant’s visual appearance, and therefore its happiness, is the best indicator of a healthy yucca. Yucca trees are low maintenance and easily adaptable, making them widely popular houseplants. "text": "If your Yucca palm outgrows its space (is getting too tall), you might need to prune it. The most important rule when it comes to watering your yucca palm is: Don’t overwater. When cultivated indoors, this shrub can still get up to 10 feet tall. Therefore, for the well-being of your pets, keep this plant away from both cats & dogs. { Yucca elephantipes plant care basics . Is Yucca elephantipes poisonous to cats & dogs? By the way the “true” botanical name of this house plant is Yucca elephantipes. Whilst generally easy to care for, there are a number of common problems that may have you worrying if your yucca plant is dying. If your Yucca palm outgrows its space (is getting too tall), you might need to prune it. Your indoor Yucca plant won’t need a lot of fertilizer to stay happy and healthy. Tip: Spider mites are a common problem with indoor yuccas as well. You can simply trim any dead, dying, or otherwise unsightly leaves with clean shears. I’ll update this post in the future to talk about the growth rate. Yucca Plant Indoor Care . I’d love to be proven wrong! The yucca palm is highly adaptive to hot growing conditions and prolonged dry spells, hence caring for this perennial plant is not a concern for gardening enthusiasts. Yucca plant care is relatively simple and well worthwhile given the many benefits this very low maintenance and popular indoor plant has to offer. De Yucca is niet vorstbestendig, dus minder geschikt voor buiten. How to care for yucca Indoors. { { Yucca Care Guide Light. Pruning: Although technically not considered pruning, maintaining your plants by trimming dead or damaged leaves can be done at any time. How to Care for Yucca Plants. Yucca is native to the arid regions of America and Caribbean. You can cultivate Yucca elephantipes indoor all-year round. A yucca plant is seen by many as a great way to bring a unique, even tropical vibe to any indoor or outdoor space. Two years ago, we had a freakishly early snowfall, and the plant was covered. My Yucca palm is getting too big. If it does not grow as expected, this could very well be a sign that your Yucca does not get enough sunlight. And that will mostly be to give it some fresh soil. "@type": "Question", And please don’t worry. Check boxes below for what you want to see—I won't send you anything else. There is a good choice of both hardy and tender yucca listed in the RHS Find a Plant. Three pests to look out for when growing Yucca elephantipes are scale, black weevil & mealybugs. } They require little in regards to care, making it a great option for an indoor plant newbie. The plant was fine with the temperatures, actually. Patience is key here. Yucca Cane Care The easy to grow Yucca Cane is a great choice for the first-time plant owner. "acceptedAnswer": { "@type": "Question", This kind of Yucca palm only needs a moderate amount of water. These plants can get incredibly top heavy and difficult to manage. However, as with many other plants, watering should be reduced in winter. It is recommended to use heavy pots for growing this plant, since it becomes heavy at the top when it grows. Yucca plants are not usually kept in pots larger than 17 inches. However, I don’t think I’ll have to repot it again until next year. "@type": "Answer", Be careful, however, not to overwater it. Yucca plants need soil with excellent drainage capabilities. A few weeks after cutting them off and after doing absolutely nothing else to the plant, I noticed new yucca pups sprouting! If propagating houseplants is something that you are particularly interested in, make sure to have a look at our article: The 12 easiest plants to propagate. Absolutely. ), Since my plant suffer a bit of damage outside last winter, I’ve been slowly pruning it back to life this summer. Marcel is also the founder of Iseli International Commerce, a sole proprietorship company that publishes a variety of websites and online magazines. Most of them prefer to be in dry areas and require quite a bit of sun. 5. Very easy, indeed. Tags: indoor plants Yuccas are highly susceptible to diseases such as root rot when left in water-saturated soil. You must now be familiar withDragon Tree, a perfect plant for beginners because it's one of the easiest indoor plants to grow and hardest to kill.

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