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Marsiglia: Onshore and Offsshore site we consider to danger.

“Already at the parliamentary hearing in the Chamber of Deputies of April 2011 on the critical issues of energy supply of Italy in relation to the Libyan crisis, the Government had informed the worrying situation, demanding a delicate and strategic repercussions for not violent on Italian oil sector in Libya. This was not there, he acted without a clear strategy and today we risk a total blockade of supplies and fully italian oil operational in Libya, situation already fluctuating flows and not regular in the last years. A country’s leading provider for Italy’s oil and gas, a situation that FederPetroli Italia had already announced for years”¬† these are the words of Michele Marsiglia, President of FederPetroli Italia.

“The Islamic Caliphate is only the newest, for years there has been¬† a geopolitical strategy and constructive dialogue with Libya. Italy has anticipated new domestic political alliances in hopes of stability, always with a gap, before and after the Gaddafi’s death. After four years, the situation has only gotten worse” – continues Marsiglia -” the situation has been continuously monitored by us, as we do with other countries in the Middle East, and there have been distress communications “, but surely the argument was not of primary importance, and now, the situation is out of control. All fields onshore and offshore we consider to danger ” concluded the President Marsiglia.

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