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    Roma, 18-05-2015

    ENERGY UNION: Italy will last without the National Energy Policy

    We will declare to Senate the difficulties of the Italian energy companies

    “If it does not change deeply the backbone of the national energy policy, Italy will not contribute to the ambitious project launched last February by the European Commission on Energy Union“. To denounce the deadlock which it currently finds itself the energy sector in our country is the President of FederPetroli Italia, Michele Marsiglia.

    “Without a well defined National Energy Policy, Italy instead of being the Country guide of Mediterranean Energy Hub, will remain behind. We await the new date from the 10th Productive Acticities Commission and 13th Environment Commission of the Senate of the Republic about  Assigned deal of community acts ‘Energy Union’ for denounce the serious situation in which they apply the Italian energy companies and the total lack of interconnection structure and internal energy with the rest of Europe” continues Marsiglia.

    “We evaluated more positively the EU Energy Package launched last February, calling it ambitious and important for Europe to outline an energy power, but in recent years is evident blocking activity: search for mineral resources in stalemate, critical refining, oil and gas trasport network communications infrastructure that are unable to take shape, importance international projects as the southern hallway living fluctuating deveploment situation, the integrate logistics with deposits and not eligible harbor moorings to receive product, as well as the difficulties of the installations of production to electrical energy plant. Also it lacks a legislative framework that will allow entrepreneurs to invest in Italy without running away after a few years. In this way, the Package ENERGY UNION will be just another slogan that Italy will never contribute ‘said the president of FederPetroli Italia.

    FederPetroli Italia at the request of the Senate has already produced two reports in past weeks to comment on the delicate situation of energy supply with Libya and recent comments to 5 points of structural European Energy Policy. Commissions will be brought to the knowledge of the words of the companies, it will be our task to communicate discomfort political, economic and legislative. The government this time will have to listen, otherwise we risk another big Italian bluff on chessboard international energy, a figure that we can not afford, Europe asks us for help, just hide behind political slogans, the real problems are more’ has concluded the president Marsiglia.

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