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    Roma, 18-11-2015

    Marsiglia, purchases of petroleum products and services not related to the Islamic Caliphate

    <<To our knowledge at the time, we report that the sources of supply of petroleum products (crude oil) and refined, and the other type of products to Italian Oil & Gas use, they are not absolutely referable to structures of Islamic State (Isis), everything is documented by banking, delivery documents, sources of origin and other accounting and administrative documents>> these are the words by FederPetroli Italia’s President – Michele Marsiglia following the attacks of Paris and the rumors that the oil/energy italian industry can indirectly contribute to industries economic third parties not officially specified and qualified.

    Continue Marsiglia << That the Middle East is the best location for most of crude oils, and the land of Oil, I think it is not last minute news. Suppliers are accredited companies and with specific reference codes, nothing illegal or other operations not lawful. I call for clarity when it comes to trucks moving from north to south Syria and from east to west of Iraq. We must know what we talk about otherwise there is misinformation that causes problems to industries represented by us.

    Of course, no one rules out the possibility that terrorist cells can take possession of wells or infrastructures but we have to consider that the Daesh not have a logo or invoices and there are not business cards with Islamic State logo.

    Oil is the strategic source for the economy of the occupied areas and represent for 90% of the wealth in the territories like a Syria, Iraq, Libya and other Middle Eastern area. These are today the information that we can give knowledge with maximum transparency >> the note concludes.

    FederPetroli Italia is monitoring the situation for some time (beginning of the Libyan crisis) with the Middle East and constantly updating the competent institutions with reports and dossiers.

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