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    Roma, 03-12-2015

    Marsiglia, Oil geopolitics, never well defined as this time

    << The geopolitical situation of oil industry and the flow of oil has never been so clear like in this time. We assist in the strategic movements of market share and territory policies affecting not only the Middle East but all the locations that have the hydrocarbon as the main source of income >> Michele Marsiglia – President of FederPetroli Italia on political and economic situation and geographical flows of crude and refined products in anticipation of the OPEC summit to be held tomorrow in Vienna.

    Continue Marseille << Surely OPEC tomorrow will remain on positions that will not be much different from the previous ones, also due at this time is highly recommended an economic policy that will affect most of the international markets and discourage industrial policies of countries of Arabian Peninsula. And particularly important affair that sees Turkey accused of wrong doing in the oil trade, this could destabilize trade agreements established and signed in the past. Certainly OPEC in recent years living an internal conflict for some Member States which require a greater say on the strategies of the Organization but this will not change the strategic role that OPEC, plays for more than half a century >> the statement concludes.

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