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    Roma, 15-02-2016

    FederPetroli Italia chasing the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), new development plan and future investments

    Just launched the negotiating Table for LNG

    Marsiglia: the investments plan on home gas, traction and industrial networks is about to get started.

    Time is ripe for the methane sector, consumption is strongly increasing. Methane liquefaction caused an exponential growth of the volume.

    FederPetroli Italia launches the investment, warehousing and supply plan for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), the methane gas with a few Co2 emissions and less polluting agents.

    President of FederPetroli Italia – Michele Marsiglia <<We just listened to and noted the general dissatisfaction coming from the Italian companies that made investments in Lng. The discontent was generated by useless Ministerial negotiating tables, but time is running out. It was the right moment for FederPetroli Italia to develop and focus on LNG, after a necessary period of observation on the potential development of Liquefied Natural Gas in Europe and particularly in Italy.
    We decided to interview the main suppliers on the international market and concentrate part of the investments aiming to the evolution of LNG, from the Italian and foreign strategic supply to the warehousing and the distribution chain on the national area. The liquefied product seizes 600 times less than the gaseous state.

    As a first step, will be developed the home gas Networks in towns and mountain areas in which methane is not actually delivered and wherever there is no national pipeline network. The Development Plan will continue with the installment of machinery for the traction, on the fuel and industrial network, with a huge saving for fleets and business vehicles.

    During the last years FederPetroli Italia has been accumulating interest for this greener and cheaper kind of gas, always keeping an open dialogue with the local administrations.

    The composition of the Negotiating Table for LNG will gather vendors and top players of the national and international market. Installments and infrastructures, cryogenic tanks, logistical platforms and warehousing, supply and many more involved in the development process will sit together, in order to collect the different opinions and the interests on the future investments in Italy.

    Marsiglia continues << The Liquefied Natural Gas represents for FederPetroli Italia and for satellite activities a potential investment for present and future time. Also in Italy, LNG will become one of the pillars of the oil and energetic business. Obviously Italian infrastructure such as Regassification units and Coastal storages will act a main role for the evolution of the oil industry and for the development of a European Energetic Politics more concerned to the respect for the environment. It’s been crucial to follow, during the years, the development of the sea transport and the port basins for the arriving logistic of Liquefied Natural Gas in Italy, and the related connection terminals.

    We believe that LNG is an excellent investment for the future and represents the future of oil industry, allowing us to aim to a green, sustainable development, based on the Energy Union Guidelines promulgated by the European Union a few months ago>>.

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