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    Rome, 18-05-2021

    Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Leviathan gas field disputed between the parties

    “Off the Israeli coasts there are big natural gas resources, we are talking about Leviathan, one of the largest gas fields in the world in the Mediterranean Sea”, said the FederPetroli Italia’s President Michele Marsiglia, on the conflict that is affecting the Palestinian and Israelis territories.

    Marsiglia says “We can talk about religion, occupied territories and other variables between the two people but for years the interest has been focused on the exploration of Offshore mineral resources. Exploiting the giant gas basin, Israel and the Palestinian territories both could reach an energy independence and at the same time became exporters of the extracted and produced gas. Geographically, the area in front of the Mediterranean Sea is closely linked to the Gaza Strip. If the land under the Palestinian Authority control could find funds from other Arab countries for the resources exploitation, in just one year the Strip and the West Bank area would no longer need Israel for their energy requirements, in fact during tha day the Strip lives with  alternating electricity. We are talking about of 50 kilometers of gas field extention with 1,500 meters deep water”.

    There is gas autonomy for over 50 years, Leviathan in hydrocarbon full production could upset the Middle East trade balance” Marsiglia said.

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