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    Rome, 02-12-2019

    Malaysia Ambassador in Italy H.E. Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino accompanied by some commercial and financing officials of Diplomatic Corp was received in FederPetroli Italia by the President .

    Rome, 23-03-2018
    Marsiglia: Only Saif Gheddafi has the power to relaunch the Oil & Gas sector in Libya

    “Only Saif Gheddafi has the power to relaunch the Oil & Gas sector in Libya” – affirms FederPetroli Italia’s President – Michele Marsiglia from Italy.

    Roma, 15-02-2016
    FederPetroli Italia chasing the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), new development plan and future investments

    Just launched the negotiating Table for LNG

    Marsiglia: the investments plan on home gas, traction and industrial networks is about to get started.

    Time is ripe for the methane sector, consumption is strongly increasing. Methane liquefaction caused an exponential growth of the volume.

    FederPetroli Italia launches the investment, warehousing and supply plan for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), the methane gas with a few Co2 emissions and less polluting agents.

    Roma, 11-01-2016
    Marsiglia, good Oil under 30 dollars for Barrel, we wait for rebound. North Stream 2 pipeline, opportunity not to be missed

    <<With the Oil price on the threshold of 30 dollars for barrel we are on wonderfully industrial and speculative wave >> these statements of the FederPetroli Italia President – Michele Marsiglia on succession of reduced price of crude oils (BRENT and WTI) on international markets.

    Roma, 03-12-2015
    Marsiglia, Oil geopolitics, never well defined as this time

    << The geopolitical situation of oil industry and the flow of oil has never been so clear like in this time. We assist in the strategic movements of market share and territory policies affecting not only the Middle East but all the locations that have the hydrocarbon as the main source of income >>

    Roma, 18-11-2015
    Marsiglia, purchases of petroleum products and services not related to the Islamic Caliphate

    <<To our knowledge at the time, we report that the sources of supply of petroleum products (crude oil) and refined, and the other type of products to Italian Oil & Gas use, they are not absolutely referable to structures of Islamic State (Isis),

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